Today, creative thinking is recognized as one of THE most valued traits in organizations of all scales.  Numerous studies have shown a strong correlation between successful companies and the prevelant culture of creativity within those companies.

So how do you showcase your organization's creative side to the public?

With professional visual art and design services from Marion Spencer!

Whether it be sculpture, an exhibit, corporate identity graphics packages, or an attraction of any type and scale, your company will benefit from having a visual identifier that serves to wow clients, inspire employees, and all the while evoke the core values of your organization.

You've already invested time and money into a concept.  Now what?

Marion Spencer assists creative professionals in all fields of art and design by providing concept sketches, digital illustrations, 3D graphics, construction drawings and/or visualization packages of your ideas.  Using the latest in Adobe and SketchUp softwares, finalized clean and concise digital submittals can be shared with you and your client for ease of new/added concept integration and adjustments.  Further, Marion is a key resource in bringing these concepts to a completed state as required by your project.

Public Art of any scale is designed to include the "WOW" factor while staying true to the core values and message intent of the project.

Marion's approach begins with creating a series of concepts customized in form, style and content to best represent the purpose of your project.  These concepts are then taken to select fabricators, installers, trades-persons, and project coordinators for consultation and valuable discussion on how to best maximize unique ideas with material capabilities, and within the restrictions of timeline, budget, weather conditions and site restrictions.

Marion Spencer has been a general contractor and sub-contractor on public art projects, and has worked with public art committees to create iconic and attractive landmarks.

Looking to integrate an artistic feature to complement the design and structural integrity of your building project?

Marion's process begins with accurately scaled digital sketches placed within the context of your project, developed to add interest to your architectural composition, choice of materials, and overall design intent.

Original paintings created and customized to meet the design intent on projects of any scale.

Marion's repertoire of paintings include:  portraits, scenic painting for film and theatre, event painting, commissions, murals, exhibition art, and book illustrations.

Whether your fine-art piece requires one artist or a team of artists, Marion will ensure the final result is completed to design specifications, thus fully enhancing the intended look and style.